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Letters of support from humanity scholars, social scientists, and scientists proprie dicta is a good thing. The time is ripe, however, for stronger measures. Two come to my mind immediately (the first of them is twofold, hence this strange numbering system).

1.1. To revoke recognition of Russian unified state diplomas of higher education at both Bachelor and Master levels. Only diplomas of individual universities could be accepted. This measure should not be retroactive.

1.2. No Russian university should be included in any institutionalised scheme of academic exchange unless it introduces its own diplomas, independent of the corrupt centralised system of quality assurance in Russian higher education. The only way to international recognition of such diplomas after they are introduced is inclusion of the university in question in European quality assurance schemes.

2. To ban any Russian scholars or scientists who also occupy administrative positions in the state-owned Universities and research institutions from any academic visits to the EU, UK, and US. By administrative positions I mean anything starting from the head of a laboratory, a department, a chair (kafedra), a faculty, and the more it is applicable to deans, vice-rectors, and rectors. All these persons collaborate with the authoritarian regime (in fact, they are the authoritarian regime), take part in the oppression of fellow scholars and scientists, and should not be allowed into the scholarly / scientific community. They should not be invited to conferences and allowed to apply to any grants (no matter in which quality: be it as a person applying for a personal grant, a PI or a team member for a collective application, etc) unless they resign from their administrative positions no less than one year in advance.

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